It’s time to get the best results of your life, and Better Body is the program to help you do it. We have the perfect deal for you to try us out: ONE MONTH at no cost, just a refundable deposit of only $49 to get started.

Simply fill out the form below to claim your unlimited ONE MONTH pass to Better Body Bootcamp. Your one-month pass will give you full membership benefits and unlimited access to our body transformation workouts at all of our locations. This will be the best training experience of your life, we promise you!

At Better Body, there are no hidden fees, catches, or obligations. Your ONE MONTH trial is at totally no cost, just a small good-faith deposit of $49. Your deposit is 100% refundable, so don’t worry about that. We know that once you start, you’ll never want to stop.

And we’re going to go a step further: If you’re not satisfied with your one month free of TRAINING, we’ll return DOUBLE your deposit. That is our complete results and satisfaction guarantee to you. Not only is your deposit refundable, but if you’re not satisfied, you’ll also get back $98, not $49. That’s how confident that you’re going to love what we do here.

Are you ready to do this? To test drive Better Body Bootcamp at no risk, with a double-your money back guarantee? We hope you are because this is going to be good. It’s going to be so good that we don’t have a problem making it free.

What are we promising? Here’s a shortlist:

  • The best training experience of your life
  • The friendliest community of staff and members you’ve ever met
  • Challenging but fun and highly addictive workouts
  • Smart exercises and moves that won’t hurt you
  • The cleanest and most well-equipped group training facility you’ve ever seen
  • A highly motivating, judgement-free environment

That’s all great, but at the end of the day, what you really want is results, right? Our program will bring you instant results. The results tend to come very fast, when you’re eating and training right.

Here’s how we’re going to make your results a certainty:

  • Personal Training Session – if you need some extra help learning all the moves, need to work around an injury, or just want some personalized attention, we’ve got you covered.
  • You’ll also get unlimited access to our daily LIVE Zoom workouts. For the days you’re on the go, our Zoom classes will be a life saver. They are streamed live from our actual BBB classes.
  • Nutritional Consultation and Eating Plan – we’ve got the eating plan competitive physique athletes follow to get in shape to be on stage. We’ll take you through it and tailor it to you
  • Our Proprietary Tracking Sheets to track your progress stats and weekly training and eating.
  • Accountability Coach – every single top athlete has a coach, so why not you? You will have a coach assigned to you that will be there to motivate you on the days you need it.

Are you ready to step up? To take a chance on yourself? To take a chance on fitness? To find out more about Better Body? Then all you’ve got to do is enter your info below:


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